Wendy is a Hong Kong female artist who does conceptual art, conceptual photography and abstract artwork.


Wendy as a local emerging artist explores the relationship between her inner self and the outside world through her contemporary art.


Made up of simple composition and color, her works allude to thoughts on social issues and illustrate her philosophy of life. The visual expression and energy within reveal a state of contradiction, desire and restraint.


She will do conceptual art in form of photography and installation, contemporary ink, and mixed media work. Art creation for Wendy is a process of construction as well as destruction. Through the process of creating, her awareness to the moment brings reflection and balance. She perceives wisdom from both the creation process, as well as the output. When looking at the artworks, she sees answers to the question of life and the universe.



In 2017, Wendy stepped out of her comfort zone, resigned from work, and started her art journey. In these few years, she experienced many first-time and rebuilt herself. Occasionally, Wendy will also do commissioned project.


Her artworks are also showed on Art Connect, Art Sleuth, Saatchi Art. Buying art, buying affordable art, buying Wendy's art, is easy. You may directly email her @ kwanhiuwah@gmail.com.

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